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Justin Timberlake has put together an all star list of rappers to lay a verse on the remix of his “TKO” track which is off his hit album “20/20 Experience.”  The “TKO” remix includes A$AP Rocky, Pusha T and J. Cole.

But it’s J. Cole who is stealing much of the attention..that’s because Justin included the North Carolina rapper’s reponse verse to Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” diss track.  And lets just say Cole didn’t hold back– slaying the Compton rapper:

Cole to the rescue, never save a hoHoes like to hide their behavior thoughThought you was a down ass bitch‘Til I found that shit a couple days agoI was home alone, next thing I knowThat long as verse from a song called “Control” was onThe room got nearer, the tomb got clearerThat’s when I seen the shit playin’ on your phoneGirl, what is that? A ringtone?Shit, not you too

Man, that hype done got you tooEverybody and their momma gassed,Even my momma asked what I’mma doDecisions, decisionsIn case this is war, then I load up on all ammunitionIf a nigga want problems, my trigger’s on autoI’ll make sure that nobody miss himNow pack up your shit, you don’t believe in meI don’t need you, I got me, bitch

Same nigga moved to NYC, bitchGot a record deal and a college degree, bitchTwo gold plaques, I produced all the tracksAnd I never ever ever leave no Jay Z, bitchAnd after all that achievementReal nigga never even went and got his teeth fixedNow you try to play me, bitch?I’ll knock your ass out

Wow, he didn’t hold back at all!  Hear the whole remix below:

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