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Kanye West Not Thankful For Nike — Blames The Retailer For Failed Shoe Line! (VIDEO)

Kanye West was in Nashville, Tennessee last night to perform at one of his Yeezus Tour dates. But it wasn’t just about music and having a good time as the rapper suddenly went on a rant.

Today being Thanksgiving, we normally reflect on things we’re thankful for but Kanye took the time to slam Nike. He told the crowd:

“Do you know who the head of Nike is? No, well let me tell you who he is: His name is Mark Parker, and he just lost culture. Everyone at Nike, everyone at Nike, Mark Parker just let go of culture.”

He then blamed the retailer for his failed Yeezys shoe line:

“I’m talking directly to you. No miscommunication, did you not want the Yeezys? Nike would make you believe it was my fault that you couldn’t get them, but that was not the case. I wanted there to be as many Yeezys as there was LeBrons, and I wanted them to be at a good price, but that was not my choice, and we’re going to change everything. And I’m going to create more than you think that any musician in the history of time ever could have.”

Now, what concert would be complete without a Kanye rant? Watch the rapper bashing retailers and Nike in the video below (9:30 hits the mark):


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