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Reality star Khloe Kardashian is speaking out about her estranged husband Lamar Odom‘s creepy-drunken freestyle video with his bestie Jamie Sangouthai inside a bathroom.

As previously reported, Odom –slurring his words– admitted in the video to cheating on his wife [Khloe] with other women, needing folks to let him breathe, and making money without the help of the NBA.

Last week, Odom revealed that he’s had a problem with ‘two drugs’ — coke and crack.. but was never high when that cryptic video was shot.

Sources close to Khloe are saying she believes the tape is indeed a ‘slap in the face’ and when it comes down to her marriage, she’s currently stuck between a rock and hard place.

“Khloe thinks the video is bad, just real bad. She’s not surprised by it but she feels it’s another blow to her. It’s a slap in the face,” a source reveals to HollywoodLife. ”It’s more disrespect thrown her way when all she ever wanted was a marriage and normal life with Lamar.”

Lamar Odom has been having a rough year, with reports of drug battles and a recent trip to rehab, and things are only getting stranger for the NBA player.

Recently, we reported that the L.A. Clippers was about to resign him, but after his new video they could be reconsidering.

However, Odom still remains the leading candidate to be signed by the Los Angeles Clippers. But there’s another known name on the Clippers’ list behind Odom in terms of potential in season signees is Chris Wilcox.

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