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Lil Kim Facing Lawsuit Over New Album Artwork For ‘Dead Gal Walking’

Looks like rapper Lil Kim is in some serious trouble! According to make-up artist, Samantha Ravndahl, Lil Kim stole the artwork for her latest single “Dead Gal Walking“.

Samantha says that she created the make-up design used in Lil Kim’s artwork, and that she’s even the model in the picture.

When Ravndahl discovered Kim’s use of her photo, she immediately reached out to Kim’s representatives. She claims that after she demanded compensation she was told that Kim’s team was “working slowly” to pay the artist.

Despite their failure to pay, Kim and her team continues to promote the same ghoulish face as the artwork for the single, and Kim has even posted it on Instagram, adding her own copyright.

As of yet, Lil Kim’s team hasn’t made any public statements pertaining to this matter, but we will keep you updated on the latest developments.


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