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Recently, St. Louis rapper Nelly and Dr. Marc Lamont Hill had a very interesting conversation on HuffPostLive, where the rapper expressed his frustration with a group of protesters who boycotted his 2004 bone marrow drive, “Jes Us 4 Jackie” at Spelman College due to his sexually explicit music video, “Tip Drill,” and blames those protesters for his sister’s tragic passing eight year’s ago.

Nelly planned that the drive was in support of his sister, Jacqueline Donahue, who later lost her battle to leukemia in 2005. He said, “you robbed me unfairly!.”

[The protesters] approach me with this conversation while I’m doing that drive. Why would you want to talk about that now when I’m trying to save lives? That was my whole issue. Don’t get it twisted, it wasn’t the whole Spelman. There was a group of young ladies that decided that this was the time that they picked to make this move. 

It just felt so wrong to me because here I am losing time trying to save someone special to me, and you want to talk about a video.

You spent hours and hours playing my videos when you could have spent hours getting people signed up on bone marrow registries and finding donors for people who needed these stem cells transplants. I just felt like the priority wasn’t in the right place. But I understand if they had a problem with that, I had no problem talking to them.

Nelly then spoke about one of the ladies saying he should have addressed their issues before the benefit drive. In his defense, how can one compare a video to someone who’s about to lose their life to cancer? 

“You trying to tell me that I have to have a conversation about a video before we take care of bone marrow? What’s more important here? If anything you should have did it the other way around. You should say, ‘Yo, what’s more important?’ I say that because you protested…are you still protesting that right now? Because I don’t have my sister now. You see what I’m saying? You’re probably not even protesting right now, and half of y’all that was protesting are probably in them clubs dancing to them songs on the weekends that you’re protesting about.

He also chatted about what he would have done differently and that includes kicking somebody’s a–.

“With the who Spelman thing, the only thing I feel I would’ve did different is kick somebody’s a–. That’s just how it felt to me. I don’t have my sister and I doubt it if half of those girls are still campaigning for what they quote, unquote took advantage for that opportunity for. You robbed me of a opportunity. Unfairly, my brother.

That was unfairly. Because we could’ve still had your conversation after I got my opportunity, but it could’ve been somebody that was coming to that bone marrow drive that day, that was possibly a match for my sister. That didn’t come because of that. That conversation could be held anytime. 

That conversation is easy. They don’t want to have that conversation because the truth of the matter is Spelman is in about a six block [radius] of about three or four strip clubs that I don’t see them protesting at one time.[…]If it’s really that important, why aren’t you out protesting at one of the strip clubs? Why aren’t you going to some of those young ladies that are actually participating in your college and talk to them? 

When it comes to health issues in our community, the urban community, we’re already a little timid on it. We don’t step up. We don’t get regularly check ups. We don’t volunteer for as much blood drives and bone marrows as we should, knowing that we have more multiple matches out of any race that walks this planet and we could help more. We don’t get to that because we are so timid.

Watch the interview below:

Now the former students, who were involved in the 2004 protest, are responding to the rapper’s interview (via Huffpost Live):


Nelly is supporting his new boo Tae Heckard‘s t-shirt line (I’m not even sure what’s the name of the collection, because all I’m seeing is just t-shirt’s imprinted with colorful words and some with her face).

The ‘Get Like Me’ rappers was also seen recently on stage rocking a black T from Tae’s line. Don’t get it twisted, these Ts are quite pricey… we talking $58.00/per t-shirt (one above):

Your thoughts?

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  1. I feel like there's a time and a place for everything but he's partially to be blamed. And what's up with that clothing line. There's a lot of ugly pieces on there!

  2. Tae is super vain and it seems the only people that get they sh*t, is each other (shrugs). Nelly gets tae shirt and she gets his terrible album. Tae is very annoying with this sh*t and so is he for PROMOTING IT. GWLMAG you wrong for promoting that terrible (t-sh*t) line.

  3. Tae Heckarrrdddd needs to keep her damn tongue in her mouth…don't nobody wanna see that…ewww… Miley Cyrus is already getting on my damn nerves!

  4. How Dare You people Put a FEMINIST ACT Before some ones LIFE!! Point Blank Period!!!! They are NOT Equal ~ ~ Dumb Asses!!!!

  5. I would have blamed them too. And they are going to feel it in life because comparing someones life to a damn video is crazy.

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