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ON SET: Tyga & Justin Bieber Shoots “Wait A Minute” Video! [PHOTOS]

On Tuesday, rapper Tyga and pop star Justin Bieber gave a behind the scenes take of their brand new video for “Wait A Minute,” which is being directed by Krista Liney.

Liney tells RollingStone, “the prevailing theme of the song is fame, the overwhelming demand for Justin and Tyga’s time and attention.”

She continued, “this concept explores being famous through the eyes of these artists. Everyone is after them, everyone wants time with them, everyone wants to bask in their spotlight. Every moment of their lives is scheduled, including taking a moment to breathe. They are chased, they are exposed… can everyone just wait for a minute?”

Liney also gives notes to Tyga and his leading lady:

“Visually I wanted to explore both abstract and literal translations of fame,” says Liney. The crew “employed some Matrix-inspired ‘frozen moment’ visual effects to literally stop time, and the rushing in of a paparazzi-filled crowd. Abstract, textural images such as funhouse mirrors and a maze (representing skewed reality and feeling trapped, respectively) are sprinkled throughout.”

See more photos HERE.


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