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Well if R&B singer Ciara want to marry the “man of her dreams” rapper Future then she will have to accept the extra … I mean extra … baggage that comes along with him — the baby mamas.

The 28-year-old “Read My Lips” songstress recently shared several photos of herself chilling with Future’s baby mothers on Instragram and let’s just say this is not a good luck for the talented singer.
But hey, if P. Diddy can pull it off what’s wrong with Future giving it a try? Check out the photos below:

And as for her upcoming nuptials, CiCi revealed to Entertainment Tonight about her wedding set for next year, during the 2013 People’s Choice Awards this week.
Here’s a few highlights from the interview below (via NB):

On being engaged:

It feels so good. What’s so funny is, I was thinking about my life as a woman and all that’s happened to me and the things I’ve been through as a woman. It feels so great to be with someone who’s like, your best friend. I can almost cry talking about it now because every time I think about it, it really kicks in, but I feel so happy. I really do. I’m just very proud. I think I just like being able to say ‘my fiancé.’ Not my boyfriend. It’s not just that word you toss around. That’s my fiancé! I love it. It feels so good.

On any potential dates lined up for their wedding:

We do. It’s going to be around next year because he’s on tour now and I’m finishing up stuff. We wanted it to be at the best time. I just know I don’t want it to be when it’s super hot. I don’t want everyone to be burning up at the wedding. I want the perfect weather. There’s probably going to be two parts to it because we have so much family in Atlanta, but I likes the sun. I likes the exotic places in the world, you know?

Check out the video below (3:45 mark):

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Image credit: Ciara’s IG/TattleTailzz/Tumblr

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  1. Looks like she doing a TI & Tiny move…smh lol got kids & baby mamas for days. Now you know peacefulness like that can only happen in the celebrity world..had that been a none famous person..Those BM would have been Scrapping lol Eyes rolling, Heads twirling, Hands clapping… Necks popping lmao with dirt on who did what & why, with how many times lol. Chicks are funny.. Well another bites the dust.. Smh

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