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Are they hooking up again? Or was it just a friendly meeting?

Shortly after watching pop superstar Rihanna performed at her rescheduled “Diamonds World Tour” concert in Dallas on Monday night, “Young Money” rapper Drake quickly swept away his once rumored fling to a late night dinner at an upscale restaurant in the city.

An Instagram user snapped and shared a photo of the duo having lunch and captioned it, “Drake and Rihanna having dinner!”

Fans are now wondering if Drake and Rihanna are rekindling an old flame following Chris Brown‘s rehab and run-ins with the law or was it just a ‘musical related or friendly’ meeting? Well, only time will tell…

And to prove there’s some truth to this story, Drizzy was also photographed backseat at RiRi’s concert:

Check out the photos below:

It seems like someone was trying to keep a low profile, but things however didn’t quite go as planned.

Plus, RiRi is gearing up to drop the visuals for her “What Now” single and shared a few stills from the video with caption: “Just 2 words ya really need to know… WHAT (the phuck) NOW!! #WHATNOW #VIDEOseason.”

The video will be released this Friday, November 15.

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