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These days we females have no time to get gorgeous when we’re on the rush especially when we have little tips on getting that perfect finish look. So now here’s a quick and easy way to apply your make up in JUST five minutes.

This quick and easy “fuss-free” tip will have you looking awaken and fab in the face in minutes:

Before applying make-up: You really want to rinse and moisturize your face by first: Cleanse your face quickly but thoroughly, dry pat with a towel then use a moisturizer.

Apply your foundation: Try to use foundation only where you really need it to even out your overall skin tone. It will give you that (sort of) natural look. Focus points when applying foundation; Chin, the sides of your nose, and around your eyes. These areas are usually prone to dark shadows or redness.

SIDENOTE: Instead of using a sponge, you can always use your “ring” finger to dab and sweep it on.

Apply your mascara: What ever color “black or brown” you might use — my favorite is usually black because it’s universally flattering. Try not to go over board when you are applying mascara. Remember, always go for that natural looking lashes… that will be noticeably (with positive feedback) from friends and family.

And the final step is to apply lip color or blush. Try not to over use your Blush powder, just give it that gentle pat to each cheek (the roundest part when smile) to give that awakened feeling.

Now for the fun part! Your lip color will be determined by you, so add your favorite lip gloss that will give that full bold luscious lips, then grab your things, and go show it off.

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