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On Friday, law enforcement officers reportedly pulled over Death Row Records founder Suge Knight with their guns drawn in what appears to be a case of mistaken identity. Well, that’s the LAPD’s story.

The officers who pulled over Knight claims he had matched the description of a suspect in a reported assault case.

TMZ reports that after it all went down, guns drawn and Knight being dragged down to the police station, LAPD says they now believe it was a bogus report of an assault.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, police had received a report of an assault, and the suspect matched Suge’s description — so when officers spotted Suge in his vehicle … they pulled him over, and jumped out of their patrol car with their guns drawn.

We’re told Suge agreed to go to the police station, where he explained he wasn’t the man they were looking for … in fact, police now believe the initial report of an assault was bogus.

Okay, it’s either the LAPD wanted to pull him over and made up the report, someone purposely filed the bogus report and used Knight’s description because they wanted him behind bars or there was actually an assault and Suge fit the description (mistaken identity).

Now with the LAPD’s (bad) track record (including Knight), and I’m not accusing them of anything, many would conclude they faked the report as a reason to pull him over.

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