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SWAGGER JACKED: Rihanna’s COMPLETE Halloween “CHOLA” Transformation …Karrueche & Melissa In The Mix!

After giving fans a preview of her GOTH look for Halloween on Thursday night. Rihanna has now released several photos of her complete 2013 Halloween “CHOLA” transformation… and from the look of things, RiRi seemed to have swagger jacked her rival Karrueche Tran.

Check out the photos below:

Rihanna, who put “The Walking Dead” spin on hers while chilling in Barbados and became a Chola Zombie, also shared photos of friends including her bestie Melissa Forde, who was also in full costume mode and called herself, “La Flaca.”

Earlier in the week, Karrueche posted photos of herself and her California crew getting ready for the Halloween festivities with the same chola/girl gang get ups. See photos from Kar’s photo-shoot below:

I don’t even know why these ladies are even associating their brands with gangbangers! Anyhow, did Rihanna swagger jack Karrueche, who decided to dress up as Aphrodite for Halloween? Or do they have the same creative mindset? Your thoughts?

FYI: A chola is a hardcore Latina gangbangers. They usually have thin, arched, angry looking tattooed-on or penciled-on eyebrows, brown or dark red lip liner, ‘Monroe’, eyebrow and nose piercings, tats, Converse or Nikes, flannel shirts, lots of gold jewlrey (with their name and crosses), crunchy gelled or moussed hair either down or gelled in a high perfect ponytail either straight back or gelled in a design, and they go out with cholos.

A lot of regular mexican or puerto rican girls do the look but aren’t cholas. A true chola is down for her barrio and is in a gang, and is as ruthless as a male gangbanger if not more. It is much more common to just look like a chola, and not act like a chola.

The chola style is common in southern California like east LA, San Diego, OC, and also NYC. In Miami they are called ‘chongas’.


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