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In light of the drama surrounding music group TLC and their former manager Perri “Pebbles” Reid due to VH1’s TLC biopic. The remaining group-mates Chilli and T-Boz has been reportedly dropped from Epic Records along with their latest album shelved.

TLC’s official team announced the news today via Twitter saying, “TLC is no longer signed to Epic Records” and their name removed from Epic’s website. The team also announced that Chilli and T-Boz’s new album have been taken off shelves, along with Chilli saying, T-Boz will be releasing a statement soon.

Chilli also took to her Twitter account today (Nov. 21) and tweeted:

“Until We Release An Official Statement, Don’t Assume The “TALK” Is Real” – Chilli. (Regarding Epic Records Drop)

Um okay!

Back in July, the singers signed a recording deal with E.R to release their greatest hits compilation,20, and a new single, “Meant To Be.” TLC then confirmed to MTV in October that they were working on a new studio album with L.A. Reid, due for release in early 2014. Shortly after, TLC’s “Crazy.Sexy.Cool: The TLC Story” premiered on VH1 to record ratings.

But after so much success, why would L.A Reid (the same man who brought Ciara over to Epic at the lowest point in her career) pull the plug on the legendary girl group? Is Pebbles to be blamed?

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