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TLC’s former manager Pebbles is still mad over the recent premiere of Vh1’s “Crazy.Sexy.Cool: The TLC Story” and is now demanding a retraction.

Pebbles, whose real name is Perri Reid, reportedly cheated Chilli, T-Boz and Left-Eye out of millions in recording deals and album sales when she managed the girls back in the late ’90s.

She paid the group $25.00/week salaries, sometimes docking their paychecks and bullied them while on tour and in the recording studio.

Reid is shell-shocked by the damning lies in the film, saying: “This unprovoked attack has been extremely upsetting to me and my family. The TLC Story contains many false and defamatory statements and scenes about me.”

The film has however inspired her past artists/clients to come forward and demand their fair cut of any unpaid money made through Pebbles’ recording label. According to the petition for a retraction:

“The real Pebbles insists she has never cheated anyone — let alone the band she ‘discovered, managed, and mentored’ — and plans to vigorously defend her honor. She says her attorney is already in the process of demanding retractions from VH1.”

And according to the remaining members of the TLC group (Chilli & T-Boz):

“What was said or portrayed of Pebbles in the movie was the truth. We didn’t sugarcoat anything. We could careless what she thinks about us or the show, because that was the honest truth. We had a lot more on her that we could have put in the movie, but we didn’t.”

Your thoughts?

Image credit: iHeartRadio/FilmMagic

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