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Last week, R&B singer and “Love & Hip Hop: NY” reality star K. Michelle was booed off stage in Washington D.C., for demanding $30,000 to perform, then later gets blasted for mistreating fans on Instagram and Twitter.

The singer reportedly did a concet in Silver Spring, MD and was expected to perform at an afterparty at Howard Theater with a local go-go band. Unfortunately it seems there was a miscommunication of sorts with K. denying that she was ever hired to perform at the second venue.

“Once K.Michelle got on the mic, she said I got paid to do an appearance, not no performance, yall didn’t pay me $30,000 to perform get that bitch (referring to the female singer of the gogo band to sing) to sing,” a witness told tattletailzz.com.

The source claims K. Michelle then started ranting at the crowd who had paid expecting to see her performance. As a result, the reality star was allegedly booed off stage!

“Once the crowd realized that K.Michelle was not performing with the GoGoband, they were so disappointed in her attitude and how she talked to the crowd. She was disrespectful and rude sources say, especially referring to thegogo band lead singer as a bitch. They thought she could have handled the situation much better, with so much more class.”

RealityTea reports that fans also blasted the reality star on Instagram and twitter for her behavior and mistreating her fans.


Check out the behind-the-scenes clip of K. Michelle’s REBELLIOUS SOUL TOUR webisode of her exclusive tour diary above!

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