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As previously reported, actor Paul Walker, who was in the process of filming “Fast & Furious 7” in Atlanta, and Roger Rodas (a grand prix driver who was driving the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT), lost their life in a fatal car crash in Southern California on Saturday.

Now Jim Torp, who attended the 40-year-old actor’s Reach Out Worldwide charity event, has revealed to E! News that Paul’s 15-year-old daughter Meadow Walker, was torn into pieces after finding out about her father’s sudden death.

Via E! News:

“Everybody was winding down,” Torp told E! News on Sunday, Dec. 1 during an interview at the crash site. “They were getting ready to park a Porsche and decided to take for joyride, and it ended in tragedy.”

Right away, Torp knew something was horribly wrong after hearing what he described as a “massive explosion.”

“They kept his daughter off to the side, so she wouldn’t know what was going on until they really know what had happened,” Torp said.

Rodas’ young son reportedly heard the crash, saw the smoke and ran over to fiery scene, only to see his dad in the burning vehicle.

“The saddest part for me, is when Rogers’s wife came there not knowing what had happened and that little boy told his mom and was crying,” Torp explained.

Walker’s best friend, Newt, tried to help his longtime pal by running over to the car and “did everything he could” to try and rescue the Fast and Furious star.

“That was his best friend,” Torp said about Newt. “He didn’t care, he wanted to get his friend out of the car. The sheriff detained him and put him in the car so he wouldn’t get hurt.”

While Torp didn’t know Walker personally, he revealed that the toughest part for him is “knowing two great people tried in a tragic car accident.”

“I knew the repercussions would hit a lot of people,” Torp said. “A lot of fans that were down at the fundraiser were crying.”

“There were 20 people at the time trying to put fire out,” Torp added. “Friends, employees, [there was] nothing they could do.”

Torp held back tears when describing the reaction of everyone on scene once they realized the pair was dead, but stressed the importance of keeping Reaching Out Worldwide alive.

“I hope good will follow,” Torp said. “That’s what Paul wants.”

Walker’s co-star and actor Tyrese Gibson was also spotted on the crash scene today (Dec. 1) in tears as he paid homage to his bestfriend:

Plus, Universal and the team behind Fast & Furious 7 are facing a delay in production following the tragic death of the actor, but sources say the movie will not be abandoned entirely just a change in script.

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