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“Real Housewives of Atlanta” reality star Porsha Stewart and Kordell Stewart divorce was officially finalized this past week after 2 1/2 years of marriage.

According to Kordell’s lawyer, “My client couldn’t be happier to get a horrible person like his ex-wife out of his life! He was “very disappointed” that things fell apart because he truly expected to be “married for life.” Unfortunately he seems to believe Porsha had other plans all along.”

Hold up! Was he trying to say Porsha was only with Kordell to get a kick start to fame?! Ouch!

And as for the former Mrs. Stewart’s conduct, the lawyer added; “For reasons we cannot understand, [Porsha] displayed a reckless abandonment of anything close to the truth over the last eight months. We are also hopeful that Porsha will stop vilifying Kordell at every opportunity.”

Now, Porsha is turning over a new leaf as she recently revealed that she will be dropping her marital last name to restore her maiden name, “Williams,” and refuses to sign any confidentiality agreement papers.

Via RealityTea:

According to Kordell’s attorney Porsha was threatening to stay a “Stewart” despite the divorce because her professional image was attached to the name, but she’s now decided to take NeNe Leakes’ advice and ditch the last name.

“Kordell was very concerned about the damage it could cause,” TMZ reports, “however, she reconsidered and decided to restore her maiden name, Williams.”

“Kordell now believes he can restore the Stewart name and brand, for which it has been known through many generations, one of character, integrity, honesty and truthfulness.” Um…anyway!

Even though Kordell and Porsha’s divorce was dragged on and on bitterly in the press, a legal battle may now ensue according to legal documents obtained by TMZ. Kordell reportedly wanted Porsha to sign a confidentiality agreement, Williams is however putting up a fight.

Sources close to the situation says Porsha needs a story-line to keep her job on the Bravo hit show and dishing about her messy divorce would definitely get her renewed for another season. And even if that means making insinuations about Kordell’s sexuality.

Also, Porsha recently appeared on Arsenio Hall‘s late night talk show with her co-stars Phaedra Parks and Cynthia Bailey.

The stars dished on their current business ventures and the drama on this season’s show. Being on the topic of business, Arsenio took the time to ask Porsha about folks [Phaedra] thinking she’s not “too smart” and how that bothers him. She replied:

Yeah, I’ve definitely experienced that with shows that I’ve been on before and I think it’s just insulting to have anyone come to your show, and me be brave enough to come and tell my story and you be disrespecting in that way. I will say the reality show is entertainment. They do edit certain things to look a certain way. I may say something that’s really goofy…. At the end of the day, I will sneak up on you. I always have a plan and I definitely have changed and I’m about my business.

Check out the clip below:

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