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Project Child Support Says Andrea Kelly HIRED Them To Collect $114k From R. Kelly & Claims She Couldn’t Afford $400 Processing Fee!

I guess there won’t be any ‘retraction statement’ anytime soon!

Despite saying R. Kelly is not behind on his child support payments, a new report proves that Andrea Kelly had previously hired a collection agency, ‘Project Child Support,’ to help her in collecting $114,000 from the R&B legend.

According to Project Child Support, Andrea did hire them to collect the late child support funds from R. Kelly and calls her lawyer shady for using them in their pawn collection scheme.

Via TheYBF:

LaChic Media (whom wrote the press release about Andrea retaining Project Child Support) recently issued 130-page document that provides proof that lawyers for Andrea Kelly DID contact Project Child Support and even offered a blistering opinion about why Andrea reached out to them. There’s even a little jab about Andrea’s financial situation that will make you gag.

LaChic Media president Sibrena Stowe de Fernandez said,

“My media firm, which has been in business since 1996, operates in truth and would never knowingly lie or put out a press release stating lies, nor would we advise our clients to do so. Our client provided us with proof and we stand by Project Child Project Child Support and LaChic Media wanted to provide proof that Project Child Support initiative and Bounty Alert Foundation were in fact contracted to assist in the recovery of $114,900 in unpaid child support….”

So…..why would Andrea’s lawyers lie? Kai D. Patterson, CEO of Project Child Support had this explanation,

“It is my belief that our services were contracted to leverage negotiations between Mr. and Ms. Kelly, to force Mr. Kelly to pay his arrears. The type of services we provide as well as the success of our program is well documented and available online. I don’t believe that coincidently Mr. Kelly paid months of unpaid child support arrears only after Project Child Support was contracted to provide services to collect the arrears.”

Inside the 130 page documentation provided by Kai, there’s an interesting nugget about Andrea and her finances. Alison Motta, Andrea’s lawyer, told Kai that Andrea could not afford to pay the $400 processing fee and asked that it be added to R. Kelly’s child support fees.

The company claims that the singer quickly paid them off so that there wouldn’t be any negative press news lingering around while his track with Lady Gaga and ‘Black Panties” recordings was doing internet and radio rounds.

Andrea’s lawyer Alison also revealed that the reality star has mismanaged her “Hollywood Exes” earnings, causing her to fall back on a budget.


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