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On last night’s South Park season finale, the show creators decided to roast Hollywood’s most infamous couple, rapper Kanye West and his fiancee‘/reality star Kim Kardashian.

During the episode, South Park painted Kim K as an overweight celebrity (calling her a “hobbit”) and Kanye as an openly “recovering gay fish,” who comes to his fiancee’s defense.

Here’s a few amusingly painful highlights from the S.P finale:

  • Yeezy goes on another one of his crazy rants. But this time, he can’t even disprove the fact that his baby mama really looks like a Hobbit.

  • Pope Francis is named TIME magazine’s “Person of the Year’ (which actually did happen the same day this finale aired). In true Yeezy fashion, the rapper steals the Pope’s mic (a la the MTV VMAs with Taylor Swift) to try and defend his lover’s reputation once again.

  • West manages to inadvertently compare Kim and her family to Hobbits anyway, yelling that “KUWTK” is a reality show about “short, loud little people living in a fantasy world.”

  • The rapper realizes that Kim K is a Hobbit, but he’s okay with that because he loves her.

  • The “Black Skinhead” crooner then does a dramatic reading from Kim’s “Hobbit” adventures. He calls North West’s mom “fat” and insists that she’ll never be as good as Beyonce (another Taylor Swift reference). Still, he loves her no matter what she is.

Watch the clips below:

KimYe and momager, Kris Jenner, were also photographed (photo above) leaving Barney’s New York in Beverly Hills after attending The Hollywood Reporters 22nd Women in Entertainment Breakfast on Wednesday.

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