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He may talk a good game or knock out guys into non-existence, but too bad he’s lacking in the package department!

Despite being engaged to his fiancee Miss Jackson and trying to be faithful at the same, Heavyweight Champ and pound-for-pound kingpin Floyd Mayweather Jr. is still up to no good.

Over the weekend, Mayweather had a bit of an embarrassing moment when a photo of him was leaked via The Dirty by a mystery woman.

The boxer reportedly sent a few bathroom selfies of himself wearing boxer-briefs to an unidentified female, who wished to remain anonymous and wants the fame champ to stop sexting her photos of himself.

Here’s what she told the Dirty:

“Not all black men are created equal [small ego]. I’m hoping you post this and maybe Floyd will stop sexting me pictures of his three inch p***s. You ain’t packing honey.”

Your Thoughts?

Image credit: The Dirty

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