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Last night, “All I Want For Christmas” singer Mariah Carey appeared on Andy Cohen‘s “Watch What Happens Live,” on Bravo, which was the last show of the year to cover a wide arranged of past & trending topics from her role in the 2001 movie, Glitter, (which she’s not too happy about along with its 9/11 release), working with Jermaine Dupri, collaborating with Jay Z, Da Brat and Missy Elliott on one of her hit singles, being the Christmas Queen and more.

Mariah spoke about her time spent with the late Whitney Houston, and finally addressed reports about their offstage feud, which she says; “It’s so hard to talk about that situation. She was born a star and popular prior to me even having a record deal.

The record label I work with wanted to sort of guide me in the direction to work with producer’s she had worked with. I had my own demo of songs that I had written, and I had my own identity. But everyone wanted to push me that way, so understandably there a little bit of weird tension.”

She also added, “Yet when we finally met…it took me 10 years, no nine and a half years… we got along so good. And to be honest, ‘I miss her and may god bless her. She had an angelic voice. She inspired all of us with her legacy and will forever be sadly missed.”

Viewers were also able to question the Diva about having more kids, which she replied; “I have a boy and a girl. If Nick chooses to carry the babies then why not. We love the kids.” Carey states that having two children is not an easy task, especially for celebrities.“They require time and devotion, even when you really have to do your job,” she told Andy.

And what we’ve noticed from this latest interview, Carey is not only incredibly amazing at singing, but also incredibly talented at not being able to answer a question. She dodged quite a few question bullets.

Let us not forget, Carey also dissed her ex-stalker Eminem when she was asked to say three nice things about him. She [takes a sip of her wine] and responds with: “Uh, they come in a package. You can carry them wherever you go. You have peanuts, chocolate etc. Oh, and they’re tasty.” She did that!

Mariah Carey took the opportunity to throw tons of shade, shading Beyonce and many other artists who stole her diva fan idea while gracefully fanning herself with a folding fan:

“…Sometimes my hair blows in the videos. A couple of people do it now, so I have to just keep it consistent.”

Andy Cohen: “Yes! Yes! You were the first, sweetie. You were the first.”

We all know who she’s referring to lol

And as for all you Carey ‘Lamb’ fans, the songstress is still putting some final touches on her much anticipated album after adding three new songs to the album, or as she puts it; “I don’t know if this will be final album, but I want it to be an Ark that will be remembered throughout history.”

Even though the show was taped last week, Mariah reveals that she wants to one day have her own talk show and also gave Bravo’s “Mazel of the Year” to the late Nelson Mandela.

Highlight of the night: Mariah Carey confirms that her well-toned legs are insured and worth $1 Billion.

Plus, the “Beautiful” singer is currently in Aspen with her hubby Nick Cannon and dem babies (Monroe & Moroccan Cannon) for their annual Christmas vacay, because she really loves the snow.


Watch the interview below:

On having more kids:

Remembering Whitney:

Carey spills the “GuilTea” and tells us about all the things she secretly can’t live without:

Check back for the full interview. See some ‘after show’ clips below:

On performing at President Barack Obama’s inauguration:

On her Christmas track, “All I Want For Christmas:”

On her loyal fans:

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