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Why Is She With Him Again? Cynthia Bailey Reveals Peter Thomas Almost Cheated On Her Following Fibroids

I am beyond disgusted by this!

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” reality star and model Cynthia Bailey recently revealed that her husband Peter Thomas had almost cheated her following fibroids issues due to a lack of sex.

After undergoing a fibroid embolization this season, Bailey told Life & Style magazine that her sickness nearly destroyed her marriage saying; “we’d be divorce for sure, if it wasn’t for the surgery. I know we would have been done.”

Peter also agreed saying, “there is absolutely no way we could have survived another year if things hadn’t changed.” He went on to say that he has considered cheating on Bailey but is now relieve she’s better.

Cynthia shares, “We’re much more intimate and it feels great.” And my question is, why is she with him again?


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