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This story deserves the “WTF NEWS” award because I’ve never heard of something like this ever happening to a female before. Just when you thought you’ve heard or read it all, stranger things just keeps on popping up!

Yesterday, doctors in Colombia held a press conference at Bogota Tunjuelito hospital after a radiography exam found a 40-year-old fetus inside an elderly woman.

The 82-year-old woman was reportedly suffering from gastro-enteritis, an infectious form of diarrhea, and was admitted to the hospital on Monday..

Via NTD (spotted at Bossip):

“An 82-year-old patient who arrived at emergency services on December 8 with diarrhea and in the medical exam the medic who was looking over (the patient) noted something abnormal in her abdomen and ordered an exam thinking that perhaps it was gallstones. An ultrasound was done and it wasn’t positive. Then, an abdominal radiography was ordered which located a tumor in the abdominal cavity which concluded that it was a fetus in the woman’s abdomen,” said Dr. Kemer Ramirez.

Local media reported that the fetus had been inside the woman for some 40 years, the result of a rare medical phenomena known as lithopedion where a fetus does not develop in the uterus but the abdominal.

“This happens because the fetus does not develop in the uterus because it has moved to another place. In this case, the abdominal part of the woman is not a viable (place) and this is what happened, a calcified fetus because the body is generating defense mechanisms and it is calcified until it stays there encapsulated,” explained Ramirez.

Abdominal pregnancy reportedly occurs in every 11,000 pregnancies, of which only about 1.5% develop into lithopedion.

Your thoughts?

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