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Bethenny Frankel’s New Boyfriend Michael Accused Of Rape!

Whatever happened to innocent until PROVEN guilty?

Former “Real Housewives of New York City” star Bethenny Frankel can’t seem to catch a break in the love department as her new boyfriend Michael A. Cerussi III, 34, was accused of rape when he was in college.

According to TMZ, while Michael was attending Union College in New York (almost a decade younger than Bethenny) a student accused him of raping her. The alleged rape victim reportedly took her complaints to the school’s board, who soon after expelled Michael.

However, the student never filed a police report but instead opted to sue Michael in civil court. He in return sued both the girl and the school for defamation of character.

“Claims were made to the school, which were false and unfounded and ultimately withdrawn,” he says. Michael is also “outraged” that the media is making such a big deal of his past especially when he feels he was exonerated.

According to the NY Daily News, the court documents (filed in 2000) state Michael and a fellow fraternity brother committed rape against another co-ed at a fraternity house. Michael argued that the sex was consensual. After two years in court, the case was voluntarily dismissed after a settlement was reached.

RealityTea also reports, as a part of the settlement, Michael was readmitted to UC after the school decided to reverse his expulsion, he however declined to finish his education there. Michael continues to insist the girl’s allegations were false and he is not guilty of any crimes.

After learning that Michael’s past was about to be unearthed in the media,Bethenny got her PR hacks on the case to make media calls on his behalf. Guess it didn’t work.

Anyhow, way to go TMZ in adding more stress to Bethenny who’s failing TV show is on the verge of getting axed.


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