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Beyoncé Release Part 5 Of Her ‘Self-Titled’ Promo Vid + “106 & Park” Fan Calls Out Bey On National TV; Gets Dragged To Filth!

32-year-old Beyonce just released part five of her mini-promo series entitled, “Honesty,” and revealed how she tapped into personal experiences for her self-titled album, Beyonce.

In the ‘Honesty’ video, Beyonce also talked about her Rocket single, saying; “What i love about this song is it takes you through this journey. You’re flirting and talking all this shit and then you climax and you have a cigarette.

However, several critics reportedly have mixed feelings about how rogue the songstress went for the new album, and how she’s opened the door for mothers and wives to be sexual.

Watch the video below:

And just last week, TLC’s Chilli created quite a buzz revealing on Twitter that her New Year’s resolution is for folks to refrain from using the word Queen B or Bey –aimed directly at Beyonce — in 2014. But it wasn’t too long before she felt the wrath of Beyonce’s Beyhive.

Now, during a live taping of BET’s “106 & Park” on Friday, an audience member decided to follow Chilli’s footsteps by saying she wants Beyonce to retire on National TV. [Video above]

Shortly after, the fan experienced one of the worst stan draggings in Twitter history. Check out a few of the tweets below (courtesy of Bossip):

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