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Chris Brown Still For Hopes A ‘Chrianna” Reunion, Should Karrueche Tran Be Worried?!

Chris Brown is reportedly still hoping for a ‘Chrianna’ reunion and is constantly reaching out to Rihanna, who allegedly burn’t his last apology letter on New Year’s Eve.

In the letter (obtained by the HollywoodLife), Chris started off by saying “he was sorry and that he would never hurt her,” but the apology was clearly too little, too late.

“She put Chris to bed last year for good,” the source said.

Rihanna, never one to shy away from a little strong symbolism, decided to make that clear one night while partying with friends:

As they smoked, Rihanna pulled out this fake ass letter. She put it in the middle of the bed on top of a big candle-holder, and put her burnt ashes on it. They all started to put ashes on that letter until it burned.

The songstress allegedly said, “good riddance,” and told her friends “she wants to have a happy, stress-free year,” another source told the site. “She’s done with the bulls**t from the men in her life. She’s pretty much over the games.”

Now, Chris — who is still in Rehab and spent the Holidays with Karrueche — told his friends that he was just coming from a good place when he spilled his guts to Rihanna last week.

Via Hollywoodlife:

The singer is understandably shocked that RiRi torched the precious words he had carefully thought out and put on paper for her.

“He’s paying her no mind and he thinks she’s crazy,” a source close to the rapper tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“He’s not sitting around, going through sh** she gave him and ripping sh** up. All the things he gave her were because he cared about her and loved her. He did that from his heart.”

Poor Chris! It sounds like Rihanna’s actions have really hurt him.

We’re told Chris is doing his best to ignore Rihanna’s hurtful gesture and leave that part of his life in the past.

“He’s over her and that relationship,” the source reveals. “He’s moved on, working on his new life and getting healthy and loving Karrueche [Tran].”

Do you think 2013 will repeat itself or is it a wrap for Chrianna?


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  1. Anonymous

    January 7, 2014 at 10:46 pm

    A bunch of crap this man been over this woman for yrs now.

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