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Earlier today, Authorities held a press conference to announce that Justin Bieber‘s best friend Lil’ Za’, real name Xavier Smith, was arrested for felony cocaine possession that was in “plain view” during a raid on the pop star’s mansion.

According to the L.A’s County Sherriff’s Dept., Lt. David Thompson was mocked by reporters for the extreme measures taken by police, where Bieber allegedly egged a neighbor’s house. Thompson said he defended the action to send “12 detectives in eight cars” to the singer’s Calabasas home.

RadarOnline reports:

19-year-old Bieber was cooperative during the raid, but his lawyer was not present so he did not answer “any questions at the time we were there. I believe he will do that through his attorney.”

Thompson defended the use of multiple detectives to address an egg throwing claim, explaining: “I get that eggs don’t seem that significant but there was a victim who suffered an extensive amount of damage.”

He said the damage was approximately $20,000 and he “as well as the Sheriff’s department take that seriously.” He said they did remove security footage from Bieber’s home and that the department videotaped the raid and justified the extensive law enforcement presence by saying “In these types of situations we don’t know what we are going to confront.”

When Lt. Thompson was questioned about a possible deportation for the Canadian singer he said all visa questions are “for the State Department.”

It’s alleged Bieber threw at 20 eggs at his neighbor’s house, last Thursday. 

A video footage has been released in which the neighbor can be heard shouting:

“I see you. I f**king see you!” before a boy, who is allegedly Bieber, responded, “F**k you! I got another one for you, actually!”

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