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Floyd Mayweather Jr. Still Flossing On Them Haters, Only Player Trying To Keep Up With Child Support Payments?

Last year was bittersweet for heavyweight champ, Floyd Mayeather Jr., who went through the trenches from filing a federal lawsuit against New Orleans wine bar for illegitimately using his fame to attract customers, in return getting slapped with a suit for unpaid VIP courtside tickets to winning his last fight of the year against Canelo Alverez.

The fight was so lucrative that it was billed as “The One,” after a photo of Mayweather’s $41.5 million guaranteed paycheck began circulating online. But where did all that money came from? Some folks even questioned how much of it did Mayweather forfeit in taxes? 

Anyhow, he might have the package of a 10-year-old, but he sure has the bank book of a President (well not really, but I know you get my drift). Floyd ended is 2013 rein as a fashionista, yes a fashionista, by posting pictures of himself all styled out including several photos showcasing his wealth.

Check out the photos below:

Can you just walk up to a bank teller with a $40 million check? Well, you can’t deposit that an ATM machine.

At-least he has the cash to stay on top of his child support payments… splashing out thousands each month to his alleged eight baby mamas.

Plus, the boxer, who is engaged to Miss Jackson, is reportedly still receiving checks from his 2007 fight with De La Hoya, with over 2.48 million buys on pay-per-view and $139 million in revenue.


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