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Jennifer Hudson’s Assistant, Walter, Responds To The Singer Buying Him A House For Christmas! [VIDEO]

On Christmas Day, Jennifer Hudson gifted her assistant Walter Williams with a new house and shared his hilarious reaction on her Instagram page Tuesday.

She captioned the video, “My assistant Walter’s reaction when he found out I was buying him a house for Christmas.” Watch him flip out below:

Walter, whose been friends with Hudson since their time in Yale Elementary School in Chicago, said in a 2009 interview with Entertainment Weekly, he stuck by her when she was eliminated from season three of ‘American Idol’ and that through her success she is still the same person.

Via Entarz: “I promised her that I wouldn’t stop until the whole world saw her. You know, out of all this, all the press and the accolades, she has remained true to herself. She’s still the same sweet girl I met in grammar school. She’s still Jennifer.”

Hudson also spent Christmas in her hometown of Chicago and revealed; “I love my hometown Chicago but baby it is cold outside! Shhhh…..And I wouldn’t have no other way!”

Walter reportedly told friends that he’s thankful for Jennifer everyday and had no idea she was planning to give him a house for Christmas. He did say “he thought she would gift him something small, but never that big and expensive.”


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