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Kanye West Covers Interview Magazine; Talks Being Snubbed At The Grammy’s, Taylor Swift Backlash, Fatherhood & Success

Despite releasing a clothing line fit for terrorists (yes I said it, so sue me!) with French ready-to-wear brand, A.P.C., rapper Kanye West is on the latest cover of Interview Magazine. West dished on being snubbed at the Grammy’s, sex, fatherhood, and success.

During the very candid phone interview with “12 Years a slave” director Steve McQueen, the “Yeezus” rapper held back nothing and talked about the 2009 Taylor Swift incident, and ignoring negativity with the help of alcohol and religion.

Check out the highlights below:

On fatherhood:

“I think I have to experience it for another few years to be able to give you an opinion. It’s all brand new, how it feels to be a father. There aresome things that I understand, certain things that I don’t understand, certain things that I like to get off my chest in interviews, certain things that I want to talk about. But when we talk about love, I don’t have an answer. All I can say is that I’m happy I have it.”

On being snubbed by the Grammys:

“I’ve been nominated for Best Album maybe three times. I made Dark Fantasy and Watch the Throne less than a year apart and neither of them got nominated. “Ni**as in Paris” wasn’t nominated for Best Song either. But let’s go into the fact that I have the most Grammys of any 36-year-old or 40-year-old or whatever, and I’ve never won a Grammy outside of the Rap or R&B categories.”

On his successful career:

“I just want to create more. I would be fine with making less money. I actually spend the majority of my money attempting to create more things. Not buying things or solidifying myself or trying to make my house bigger, or trying to show people how many Louis Vuitton bags I can get, or buying my way to a good seat at the table. My definition of success, again, is getting my ideas out there. The first company that has really given me a shot is Adidas. They did the deal … I mean, Damon Dash did the deal, at the end of the day. He signed Kanye West 12 years ago.”

On his goal and obstacles:

“My mission is about what I want to create. It’s for people, for humanity. It’s about things that can make the world better. I’m not saying that I’m going to make a better world; I’m just saying that I will providesome things that will help, and my glass ceiling that I’m facing is based on my color.”

He then chatted about the Taylor Swift incident [at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards] and all the backlash he received as the result of that and how did he dealt with it all mentally, physically, and spiritually.

“It’s funny that you would say “mentally, physically, spiritually” because my answer before you even said that was going to be “God, sex, and alcohol.”

Be sure to read the full interview over at Interview Magazine. See more pics below:

Image credits: Interview Mag



  1. sandre Ennis

    January 21, 2014 at 4:20 pm

    pics look good

  2. GHHB

    January 21, 2014 at 8:10 pm

    I get what he's saying, if you pay attention it makes a lot of sense!

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