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Lakers Point Guard & ‘Hottie’ Kendall Marshall Begs Kobe Bryant For A Twitter Follow, Chances Are It Will Never Happen!

Since Lakers basketball superstar Kobe Bryant doesn’t make Twitter his number one priority and barely follows other athletes on the social networking site, new Lakers point-guard Kendall Marshall feels he’ll be lucky in getting a follow back from the star athlete.

Via Yahoo Sports:

Kobe infamously doesn’t follow Dwight Howard on Twitter or anyone beneath him, and unless you’re one of the lucky 853 following, he probably doesn’t follow you on Twitter.

One of the luckier unluckies is new Los Angeles Lakers point guard Kendall Marshall, who went from being a celebrated lottery pick to league washout in just a year and a half after being selected by the Phoenix Suns in the 2012 NBA draft. Traded to and then released by the Washington Wizards before the season started, Marshall was working in the D-League until a depleted Lakers squad – working without Steve Nash, Bryant, Jordan Farmar and Steve Blake – reached out to the University of North Carolina product with an unguaranteed deal.

Given starter’s minutes for the first time in his five-game season, Marshall is the first Laker to score 15 and have 15 assists (since 2004, when Gary Payton accomplished the feat) in a much needed win over the Utah Jazz on Friday night. Beaming from the effort, Marshall wants one more bit of recognition in the wake of his newfound stardom – a Twitter follow from Kobe Bryant: @kobebryant #followback, he tweeted on Saturday.

Seeing as how Bryant has tweeted just twice since Dec. 19, and considering the tweet he sent out just before Marshall sent his plea out; “New follow system comin.. 2 much clutter as it is #twitnoise.”

The chances of Kendall getting a followback are slim to none.


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  1. Carla simpson

    January 5, 2014 at 6:40 pm

    love my Lakers

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