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Despite of his wife disapprove of the media knowing inside details about their personal life, comedian and actor Nick Cannon continues to be the man in his relationship by telling tales of his bedroom and marriage life.

33-year-old Cannon candidly revealed to Us Weekly at the Variety Breakthrough Awards in Las Vegas on Thursday that the key in keeping he and Mariah’s five year marriage alive is to have “lots of sex.”

She may be a diva and Ebony Magazine‘s “Black Love” January 2014 issue covergirl, but she sure likes her sexy hubby to beat it up, very often!

Cannon also spoke about their annual family vacation trips to Aspen:

“It was wonderful. We do that every year,” he shared. “We go away and have a nice little Winter Wonderland. 

But, I tell everybody that my vocation is my vacation. It doesn’t seem like work,” the comedian shared. “Not like where you come home your feet hurt, you’ve been out in the hot sun . . . that’s work. I get to get up and be creative.”

Do you think Mariah will be coming down hard on him for this extra juicy info? Let me know in the comment….

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