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Porsha Williams Says She’s ‘Happy’ For Ex-Husband Kordell & Towanda Braxton Love Affair, Explains ‘Railroad Gate’ Comment

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams, who is said to be on Bravo’s chopping block, appeared on Andy Cohen‘s “Watch What Happens Live” on Sunday to shed some light on why she reached out to Kordell during the girl’s trip to Savannah and [her] ‘railroad gate’ comment, when she asked about the train’s conductor and underground entrances.

When a fan asked what prompted her to reach out to Kordell, Porsha said:

“As you could see, that was a very sensitive time for everybody. It was so emotional and I was in the middle of the divorce at that moment and I hadn’t spoken to him at all.

“I felt like the attorneys were in between us and I hadn’t gotten a chance to actually talk to him so me wanting to make sure I did everything I could before I left the marriage, I decided to just put on my big girl panties and reach out and try to contact him.” 

Porsha also said that since the show aired, she’d spoken to Kordell a few times before the divorce was finalized. As for accusing Kordell of being on the downlow, Porsha adds:

“I expressed myself on the show. He came back on the show — which he said he would never do — and he expressed himself and that’s good for him because that way he can get it out and we can kind of move on from it.”

She then moved on to explain the whole underground railroad gate comment:

“First, I’d like to say when I watched that episode, I realized that was another Porsha moment…..a little brain lapse. My brain was just going so fast that it was going faster than I was speaking.”

Knowing her grandfather was a civil rights leader named Hosea Williams, Porsha admitted:

“I felt I definitely needed to correct that, even for myself.

“I went back and I just brushed up on what I already know. That’s a very sensitive topic for me …so I went back and I read up on the underground railroad and everything else because I do want to represent that part of my life and my legacy better than I did.” 

But I actually believed it was a train, Porsha said, “At that moment, we were all trying to figure something out and my brain was going so fast.

“It was just going faster than I was speaking so I literally just I couldn’t get it together at that moment. I went back and made sure I got my facts together.”

Williams also talked about being happy for ex-husband Kordell Stewart and Towanda Braxton‘s new relationship. “I think that’s great! I love [Towanda]. I watch her show and if that works for him, then I’m happy,” she said.


On Sunday’s new episode, Porsha revealed that she had bought a fabulous (6) bedroom, 8,000 sq. ft house in Atlanta. A fan called in to ask how she could afford it while having to beg for spousal support, Porsha answered with:

“Because I’m fabulous and I want to keep the fabulousity going. I jumped out there. I believe in me and if you don’t believe in yourself, who will? So, honey, I jumped out there and am getting my coins and you have to keep watching and see if I end up making it work.”

Check out the clips below:


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