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Rapper Future EXPLAINS Making The Right Choice By Proposing Ciara & How Well She’s Getting Along With His Baby Mamas!

Despite saying “I’m getting old” is his main reason for settling down, Atlanta rapper Future recently revealed to a radio station that he made the right choice by proposing to his “rumored new baby mama” and fiancee Ciara last year and also talked about how well she gets along with his other baby mamas and family.

When asked about popping the question to Ciara, he explained:

That’s a real woman. She would call the kids and check up on them. We’ll bring them over and want to spend time with them. Sometimes when you already have kids before you’re in a relationship, a girl that just like despise your kids don’t even want them around. They’re jealous of your kids. She never showed that trait before.

Back in November, the 30-year-old rapper finally detailed how many baby mamas and kids he has (which he lied about), during an interview with 94.5 Streetz radio by saying;

“My sister, she took a picture with my kid’s mother. My sister was in the picture and [they said], ‘It’s one of his five baby mamas.’ Everybody thinks I got five baby mamas. [I have] three,” Future explained in an interview. “I have three kids. My son, he’s eleven. My little girl, she’s four. I have a one-year-old. My boy Prince.”.

And speaking of that same concert, he also told the radio host this week that another reason for him getting engaged to CiCi is because of how well she caters to his extended family:

Man, her personality. Even with being at the concert [the other day], I had my kids, I had my kids moms and she just catered to everybody. Just showing everyone hospitality. I mean you can’t get a girl that just get along with your kids moms and get along with your mom that can just mingle with your family and bringing everybody together and just want that to happen. Sometimes they just want to beef and bring or split everybody apart. But she’s the kind of person she want everyone in the same room.”

The Grammy-award winner even did an interview in November, about his decision to settle down including CiCi’s rumored pregnancy:

“I’m getting older. You got one life to live. So I’m living it the way I want to live it.” After dating for a year, Future surprised Ciara with a 15-carat diamond ring. He proposed to Ciara while she was celebrating her 28th birthday in New York last month. Asked about the rumors of Ciara being pregnant, Future would only say: “Rumors are rumors. The Internet is going to report whatever they have to speculate on.”


This week, Ciara, who is currently on vacation with Future, decided to pen another lengthy essay — blasting blogs for their negative stories and fans for tearing her down on social media:

I used to sometimes like visiting some of the blog sites to see what new things are happening in the world! Things like cool photos, current events, etc. But nowadays it seems like there’s a competition with sites on “Who Can Tear Someone Down the Most.” The stories are going from cool and creative to pure drama. Even the comment sections are beginning to get out of control and people are using the platforms to exercise a false sense of power. 

People sure do have a lot of courage when they are anonymous. It’s like a “Who Can Say the Nastiest Comment Game.” I click onto some of the comments from something as fun as an Instagram post that you’re sharing with your fans, and a person finds a way to turn a positive post into a negative. I think to myself, “I could pick this person apart so bad but what for? Why act ugly like them?” It honestly takes the fun out of it when people seem so miserable.

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    January 10, 2014 at 2:59 am

    Good for them! I hope it works out when her baby arrive!

  2. GHHB

    January 11, 2014 at 3:07 am

    Good for them!

  3. Deirdre B Pride

    January 12, 2014 at 6:11 am

    I still don't think she's pregnant

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