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“That Awkward Moment” Star Michael B. Jordan Speaks on What He Looks For In A Woman; Loses Respect After Sex on First Date

First installation… This week, “That Awkward Moment” star Michael B. Jordan sat down with Glamour Magazine for the February 2014 issue.

Have you ever really wonder what guys feel about sex on the first date? The whole friends with benefits thing? And how they deal with a breakup?

Well, during the interview with the mag, the 27-year-old actor dished on what he looks for in a woman and talks losing respect for a female who gives it up on a first date — from a male perspective.

Here’s the highlights:

Glamour: So what’s really awkward about dating for you guys? Asking a girl out? The first kiss?

Michael: I’ve got different lists depend- ing on what I’m looking for. Is it the past-12-o’clock-in-the-morning list? Then my checklist is a little shorter.

Glamour: What’s on that list?

Michael: Two legs. Pulse… [Laughs.]

Glamour: OK then…and what’s on your list for the girls you want to date?

Michael: A sense of humor. And I want a woman who is comfortable in the kitchen. I’m old-school about stuff like that. Michael: We have trust issues!

Glamour: Obviously, being celebrities does affect that. How do you meet girls?

Michael: —manual.

Glamour: Sometimes we girls need a manual to you guys. So let me ask you the eternal “are you going to respect me if we have sex on the first date?” question.

Michael: No. No. Maybe…but a little less.

Glamour: Last advice to women trying to find the right guy?

Michael: Don’t try too hard. Either you’re the right girl or you’re not.

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