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Another week, and another celebrity gets labelled a homewrecker…but not in that sleeping with my man or woman kind of way!

“Love & Hip Hop: LA” newbie and rapper, The Game, has announced that he’s no longer dating his fiancee and kid’s mother Tiffney Cambridge, all because of Tiffney taking advice from former “Basketball Wives” reality star Tami Roman.

We recently posted pictures of Tiffney and Tami hosting an event down in Maryland last December (photos HERE), Roman shared one of those photos (above) of herself with Tiffney on her Instagram last week.

In the photo, the reality stars posed for a pic while waiting for dinner inside Kona Girls Sushi restaurant in matching sweaters, in downtown Baltimore. The Game aka Damien then decided to comment … blasting the reality star.

Image credit N.B

The Compton rapper flooded Basketball Wives star’s Instagram comments section with threats and accused her of feeding his ex- with lies, which caused them break off of their engagement.

See what else he had to say below:

He ended with:

Tami also had some more relationship advice to give all you fellow ladies:

Your thoughts?

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  1. U can not put the blame if ur relationship ending on anyone but urself & the person ur with. Tiff bey a grown woman, irregardless of Tammi being her friend & giving her advice. SGE has her own mind & had to make that decision. Ppl r so quick to blame others instead of looking at themselves & fixing the actual problem. If Tiffney broke up with him just because of the advice then she needs to evaluate herself. Anyone can give u advice on ur relationship doesn't mean u have to take it. Be ur on person ladies & use ur own mind. As a friend all we can do is give or advice & opinions. I personally will never tell a female to leave her man. She has to come to that realization on her on. Ppl need to learn that u don't share all ur relationship with everyone.

  2. #TBT!!! This is all for promo this dude did kept quiet all this time up until it was announced that he will be on lahh la!!#.lol now this ish comes out…..the things ppl will do for a check these days!! Damn it's too obvious im sorry but their situation was never gonna.work he too busy rollin cameras and fightn in the st while she teaching preschoolers lol they on different levels listen to their convos (way off) far as im concerned it was all for checks at the end of the day!!! I agree wit the commit above me…….if they had a chance lol game gotta grow up.! u 30+ and movin like that

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