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Amber Rose REACTS To Kanye West & Beyonce’s ‘Drunk In Love’ Remix?

Yesterday, we reported that Beyonce and Kanye West released an x-rated remix of Bey’s hit single, “Drunk In Love,” along with a black & white teaser clip of the mega pop star dressed as a cowgirl.

Well, after Kanye’s raunchy verse — revealing he knew Kim Kardashian‘s bedroom skills before he met her — was heard across the world, the 36-year-old rapper’s ex-girlfriend, Amber Rose, took to Twitter to ‘allegedly’ weigh in on the track:

The tweet created quite a buzz on Saturday, and the 30-year-old mom, who dumped her ex back in 2012 for cheating on her with Kim, was forced to delete the subliminal tweet.

Rose later posted that her reaction wasn’t in response to Kanye’s remix, by saying:

Hmmm… seems like Amber got scold by her hubby, Wiz Khalifa!


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