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“Basketball Wives” Sundy Carter Talks Draya Michele’s ‘Stripper’ Past on The Arsenio Hall Show, Brittish & Jackie Joins In

“Basketball Wives: LA” season 3 is now being run by newbie’s Sundy Carter and Brittish Williams, along with alumni Jackie Christie, who’ve all planned to take down co-star Draya Michele.

Last week, Sundy appeared on The Arsenio Hall Show and switch the focus from her daughter Deja Carter‘s messy lifestyle by joining forces with Jackie and British to slam Draya in the interview, revealing past secrets of the “Fine A$$ Girls” designer.

Brittish, who was first to put [Draya]’s past on blast during the show’s premiere last week, explained to Arsenio:

“I was basically trying to ask a question all the viewers wanted to know.” Um, I thought she’s new on the show, how does British know what the viewers want to know? Anyhow, let’s move it along. “Everyone says you are but are you? You answer for yourself. 

I would rather ask her then to ask Jackie, then to ask Sundy you know? I’m asking you yourself so you can do nothing but respect that,” Brittish added, “I believe she used to be an exotic dancer.”

Jackie also shimmered in and said, “That’s a nice way of putting it. As you watch the show this season you’ll see exactly what Draya does and where she came from.”

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Watch the interview clip below:



  1. Tabitha T

    March 4, 2014 at 10:03 pm

    Jackie is crazy

  2. chipluva44

    March 5, 2014 at 5:52 am

    I remember Sundy in the movie state property. She was fine then and fine now. The thing that turns me on is her voice. I love the way talks it's so sexy. It's been a long time since she played Beans baby momma. I am happy she's on the show. Keep doing your thing Sundy. THE REAL CHIPLUVA!!! BROOKLYN STAND UP…

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