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Celebrities Who Suddenly Passed Away Leaving No Will

Having a Will is seen as very important nowadays as it ensure you can protect your assets and make sure the things you leave behind go to the people you care about the most. However, a lot of people don’t ever make a Will. can help you by giving you some advice on how to write one, what needs to go in it and they can also document it so it is always accessible to your loved ones even after you have gone. They make it simple and easy to understand the best ways to go about making your Will and what you need to consider when writing it. All the information you need is on their website, but you can also ring and speak to someone for some advice.

Your assets are claimed by the government if you do not make a Will. A lot of celebrities don’t make a Will such as Jimmy Hendrix and Picasso which can become a real pain when it comes to sorting out assets.

Often, dying without leaving a Will can cause a lot of issues for both celebrities and the public alike. In the case of Jimmy Hendrix who passed away in 1970, the battle over his estate went on for more than 30 years. Why? Because he didn’t have a Will and so left no information on who he would be distributing his estate too. To make things even more complicated, his estate continued to generate money even after his death – of which wasn’t told where to be distributed either.

In the case of Bob Marley – his estate also continues to generate a lot of income despite him passing away in 1981. He died intestate (without a Will) and so his estate (worth a reported $30 million) had a lot of claimants. Pablo Picasso is another celebrity who died intestate at the age of 91 (in 1973). He had a fortune amongst his assets of which there were artwork, five homes, bonds and gold. It took six years to settle his estate and his assets were eventually divided up amongst six heirs.

58% of British adults don’t make a Will, and it seems that a lot of celebrities either decide not too or don’t either. Taking the time to draw up a Will ensures that things run a lot smoother after you’re gone and you know where all of your assets will go without any arguments.



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