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Chris Bosh’s Baby Mama Files For Bankruptcy; “He Only Pays $3,000 In Child Support”

Someone needs to find a full time job, and stop trying to be ballin’ baby mama!

The mother of Chris Bosh‘s 5-year-old daughter, Allison Mathis, has filed for bankruptcy, claiming the Miami Heat star, who signed a 6-year contract worth $109 MILLION with his team, only pays her $3,000 a month in child support.

Mathis filed for Chapter 13 last month in Florida, and despite having a rich baby daddy, Radar Online obtained documents that detail her poverty pleadings.

VIA Radar:

The two have been locked in a nasty legal battle for years, fighting over custody of the child and financial support as well.

Bosh’s baby mama, who says her occupation is a part time research assistant, states that she has approximately $320,446 in assets but owes $286,946 to creditors.

The documents detail Mathis’ finances as a monthly income of $3,985 with expenses of $1,615 and states that she only has $1,250 in her checking account, $18,000 in her savings account, furniture and jewelry worth $3,700, and a 2007 BMW worth about $15,000 and owes $284,000 on her Windemere, Florida home.

Mathis states her income is minimal – she declares that she makes $800 a month and receives $2,685 in child support from Bosh and receives $500 a month from family to supplement her income.

Bosh previously filed a lawsuit against Mathis for appearing on the reality show Basketball Wives but a judge threw it out. However, she reportedly claimed his legal drama caused her to be axed from the show.


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