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After their infamous split in 2004, 42-year-old Damon Dash (better known as Dame Dash) has squashed his beef with rapper Jay Z. During a recent interview with REVOLT TV, Dash talked about trying to make history by selling records and his new relationship with the rapper.

In August of last year, Dame candidly Instagram’d a photo of him and Jay at a birthday party for Def Jam’s Chaka Pilgrim in Brooklyn. While details were scant about the evening, it was a great moment for hip-hop fans everywhere, who had long wished for a Roc Nation & Roc-A-Fella reunion.

Now in the interview, Damon thanked Jigga for giving his daughter, Ava Dash, a shout out during the LA stop of Jay’s Magna Carter World Tour. He also expressed gratitude to the rap mogul for making him look cool in front of his daughter.

“When Jay gave my daughter a shout out, that was all that I was ever in business with Jay for,” reveals Dash in an exclusive interview with REVOLT. “That was the thing – that my daughter got to get the shout out from the biggest rap star on the planet, and go to school with that.”

“All I really wanna do is look cool in front of my children,” adds Dame, “I don’t care about what anybody thinks but them.”

Watch the clip below:

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