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EJ Johnson TWIRLS On Wendy Williams; EJ Talks Representing Gays, Coming Out The Closet & Rich Kids of Beverly Hills [VIDEO]

This morning, “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” star and Magic Johnson‘s openly-gay son EJ Johnson appeared on The Wendy Williams show to talk about how his family reacted to the news that he’s gay and how his life has changed since appearing on the E! reality series. EJ’s sister also tagged along.

He also talked about studying Hospitality at NYU and taking up other courses in event planning & management, business and design. Watch the interview below:

And if you’re wondering what his father thinks about his 21-year-old son being on the show, well he recently told TMZ:

“I couldn’t be PROUDER!, he said. In fact, I think the show will springboard EJ into a TV superstar and it won’t be long before the kid has his own show.” 

Magic really couldn’t be a more supportive parent — especially after the way he had EJ’s back when his son revealed he’s gay.


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