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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Gigolos’ Star Vin Armani Drunk Rants About Being A Paid Gay Escort & Talks Sexual Male Encounters

This is so juicy!

Showtime’s ‘Gigolos’ star Vin Armani, who signed on to do the hit docudrama in 2012 and says he doesn’t like being called a ‘prostitute,’ went on a drunken rant, exposing himself by opening up about his sexual male encounters.

An insider EXCLUSIVELY told us that Vin outted himself during a drunken rant at Larry Flynt‘s Hustler nightclub in Las Vegas, and reveals he had previously done a gay escorting gig with a few of his co-stars.

Since “Gigolos” first aired, fans have questioned the guys sexuality. The whole premise of the show is that these guys use women for money and what not? Well, 34-year-old Vin, who looks the most masculine from the bunch and has a unique and exotic mix of French, Black, and Latin, actually swings both ways!

The star — who is a warm gifted conversationalist, caring, and open — revealed to a bunch of girls and one feminine looking co-star Ash Armand about his recent male encounters.

The source told us, “Vin talked about how he rubbed his d–k on some guys (butt) cheeks and came without penetrating him.

Oh look, its actress and model Yvonne Vera (blondie) was at the shoot! Photo above!

The candid conversation happened toward the end of a promo shoot for DeeJa-Vu showgirls for the erotic gentlemen’s club on Thursday (Feb. 13) and by time he had a few drinks in him, [Vin] basically let loose.

He went on to say he much rather get ‘head’ from a guy than a woman. He also said (without naming names) that he and some of his co-stars had been paid to do gay escorting.

As a matter of fact, Vin has been labelled “a super freak” by his co-stars and fans.


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  1. Anonymous

    February 22, 2014 at 7:27 am

    It really kills me that anybody thinks these guys are totally straight .. I also with that people would understand the fact that if you have sex with a women dont make you straight either .. Plenty of gay men have sex with women everyday and the women have a clue .. It would be great if everybody was open and honest about there sexuality but it will never happen ..

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