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EXCLUSIVE: Openly-Gay Singer Gala to Perform at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

With Russia being on the ‘tight’ defense of not promoting the gay and bisexual lifestyle in their country, singing sensation, Gala, will be the first openly-gay singer to have been asked to perform at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics this week.

Having been approached by the committee over a month ago, the songstress knew instantly that rather than hide in the shadows as a result of Russia’s anti-gay Propaganda bill, she would opt to speak out once again about the importance of standing up and being counted by performing at the game.

Here’s her open letter stating her reasons to take the Committee’s offer (risking her life and getting arrested by entering into Russia):

About two months ago I was invited to perform a headline gig at the
Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics… I was excited and honored to be part of
the biggest sporting event in the world!
My costs were barely met, but my motivation to participate was driven
by my desire to share my music with people at a moment when the entire
world would be coming together…
But since then it has been a crazy roller coaster.

The discriminatory statements that emerged out of Russia against
homosexuality have angered and saddened me indescribably. As we know,
the true spirit of the Olympics is to celebrate athletes from all over
the world who have trained for the duration of their lives to reach
this amazing achievement. I have always identified with this athletic
spirit – to overcome obstacles by dreaming a powerful dream with
discipline, focus, willpower and tenacity.

The response against the divisive message from Russia has been varied:
Some have chosen to boycott the event. This can be a powerful method
to affirm one’s firm stance, but I feel that this approach doesn’t
really obtain the desire result which is to show someone who is
closed-minded that a different reality is possible.

Others, openly gay athletes: Americans, Finnish, Dutch, Canadian,
Australian, and Slovenian teams, have decided to send their message
and to inspire with their presence and participation at the games.
What these athletes have done is demonstrated that being there can be
one of the most powerful means of opposition – that when we are free
to be ourselves, we empower others to do the same.

I identify with these athletes, because since I was a child I have
felt that this was also my mission: to inspire people to be free and
to be themselves.

These athletes have inspired me as an artist to represent the values
I hold dearest at an event that is celebrated by the World. I have
decided to open my performance with one of my earliest hits Let a Boy
Cry; the video for this song depicts a fluid sexuality and an intimacy
between people of the same sex that had a very strong effect on people
when it first came out. In the lyrics I describe the injustice of a
world that requires us to fit neatly into such pre-defined boxes as
boy and girl (“soldiers and dolls”) and I explain how growing up I
didn’t fit in either, because I felt I was “a pirate who conquered and
sailed free”.

From the name of my label Matriarchy Records, to my Publishing Name, Role Breaker Publishing, and the images on my website depicting
me at the barber shop being shaved like a man, to my lyrics and
videos, my entire life has been dedicated to challenging gender roles.

The safest thing to do would be to stay at home but I have never been
one to be afraid and shy away. Herewith I wish to dedicate this trip to the beauty of diversity and to the
knowledge that love knows no bounds.

I stand firm with you, my beautiful LGBTQ sisters and brothers!

Yours Always, Gala.

Gala will be on the Olympic Stage in Medal Square on February 20th. The event is organised by Europa Music Broadcasting TV.

And as previously reported, singer Rihanna has joined forces with P6, a gay rights campaign based in Russia, to fight against Russia’s anti-gay “propaganda law.” Get the full scoop HERE


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