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Karrueche Tran Gets Dragged For Rocking A ‘Bleach Blonde’ Lace-Front Wig For ANNEX Magazine Shoot… Folks Say She’s Copying Rihanna!

Not only do Twitter users hate the chick, she went ahead and created quite the buzz by rocking a ratchet looking “bleach blonde” lace front wig for an upcoming spread in ANNEX magazine.

This week, Karrueche Tran appeared on set of her photoshoot with ANNEX magazine but was advised by the director that the shoot is ‘bleach blonde’-inspired and she’s the bombshell.

Tran admitted that she wasn’t comfortable with the director’s inspiration, telling her make-up and hair team she’d “rather wear a wig than dye her hair platinum blonde.” So, a lace front wig was what she had to work with! 

Last night, Chris Brown’s main chick decided to share pics from the shoot via Instagram, and a few ‘comments’ later, Rihanna’s Navy came hating…. well, you know how that turned out!

A Rihanna Navy fan commented on the above photo, “Nooo! Girl you need to take dat nasty ass weave off boo xD.. stop trying to be like Beyonce or Rihanna…cuz it’s not working for ya!”

Karrueche responded with (not directly at the fan, but at everyone), “Y’all might not like the wig but I promise it came out dope haha“. Her response, however, fell on deaf ears as her ‘loyal’ fans were busy voicing their dislike for the ‘wiggery in action’:

Karrueche also revealed that even though she wasn’t so comfortable with the new look, in the end, she embraced it: “Today I was brought out of my element.. Felt awkward at times but the Annex crew made me feel at home…”

This isn’t the first time the fashion designer and model has switched up her hair style this year. Back in January, [Karrueche] Tran had a little makeover and dyed her dark red.

There is even some chatter about Chris not branding the model his girlfriend, and isn’t ready to commit.

A source told the HollywoodLife:

“In Chris’ eyes, they have a solid relationship and bond that’s tight,” the source told us. “He likes it and he wants to keep things between them just the way they are. He just got out of rehab. Don’t expect him to all of a sudden now wife Karrueche up. He’s well aware that she wants a commitment from him but he’s not ready for all that, and she’s cool with that.”

The source added:

“They have a better relationship than most married people I know. This is the best thing for them right now. To be right where they are loving one another, being together but just not with all the pressure of a commitment,” the source said, adding that she’s staying with him while he looks for a place to live.

But the singer’s rep quickly shut it down and claims it’s a lie, “a fabricated story made up by a media blog to get hits.” Ouch!

I think it’s a new year, and it’s time for all ya’ll haters to leave this girl alone and allow her to live a little! Just saying…..

By the way, Rihanna no longer wants to be the human punching bag and is busy making sweet ‘dreams’ building a relationship with to a beautiful nightmare Drake. No shade! Well, maybe a little shade.

FYI: Celebrities like Ciara, Ian Somerland, Chris Brown, Victoria Justice, Kevin Hart, Brad Goreski and Mac Miller have been featured on the cover or spread of Annex Magazine.


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