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LeToya Luckett REACTS To Beyonce “Shading” Kelly Rowland, And Confirms Dropping A New Song & Third Studio Album

LeToya Luckett, Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Destiny's Child 2014

Singer and actress LeToya Luckett is defending her former Destiny’s Child bandmate Kelly Rowland after an old video surfaced on VINE last month and shows Beyonce shading Rowland during an interview.

During the interview, each of the four original D.C group members including LaTavia Roberson and LeToya were asked to introduce themselves, and when Rowland was introducing herself as the group’s second lead vocalist, she was quickly shaded interrupted by Beyonce with a “cough.”
That cough was heard around the world and had social media folks buzzing.

Beyonce’s well timed cough was a pointed look in Rowland’s direction and people on Twitter could not resist commenting on the video, saying that Beyonce “shaded” Rowland.

While chatting with MTV News last week, 32-year-old LeToya gave her reaction to the clip, and recalled first hearing about the old video due to its circulation on the internet.

“So, I suddenly start getting texts on a particular day as soon as it surfaced and they were like, ‘Your face,'” Luckett told MTV. “And I was like, ‘What face? What are you talking about?’ And so I went and I looked and I died laughing because I don’t know where that even came from [or] why we were looking like that.”

When asked to speak about Beyonce ‘allegedly’ shading Rowland, she replied

“Everybody is like, ‘Shade for Beyoncé’s cough,’ What if the girl had to cough,” Luckett questioned. “What if she was having like, an issue? It seemed like shade was being thrown, but I don’t remember throwing the shade.”

Luckett insisted that everyone in the group knew their position and had no problems playing their roles:

“What Kelly said was the truth, we really would sit there and everybody knew their role. It was a real team, like, we were team players,” Luckett told MTV. “B was first lead; Kelly was second lead; I was soprano; Tavia was the alto and she was the spokesperson. Everybody knew their lane so no one ever stepped in anyone else’s lane. That’s how every team should work.”

Watch the interview below:

Well on a positive note, LeToya recently revealed that she has a few upcoming projects in the works including a new track inspired by VH1 and a third solo album (dropping this year).

The VH1 “Single Ladies” newcomer is using her new role on the show to expand her business, “Lady L” clothing boutique and confirms returning to the studio to work on her upcoming album.

According to HoneyMag, LeToya tweeted that her “Until Then” album will be released “sometime this year,” along with her new single entitled, “Don’t Make Me Wait,” dropping on February 11th. Listen to the snippet HERE


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