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Miguel – “Simple Things” [Listen Here]

Courtesy of the soundtrack for the HBO hit series, “Girls,” R&B crooner Miguel has released the full song to his new single, “Simple Things.”

Via Rolling Stones:

On the three-minute track, Miguel sings over warm, buzzy guitars and bassy rhythms about what a man and a woman want (and don’t want) in a relationship. The woman does not want a model, a movie star or someone who’s won the lotto – so basically a majority of average men.

Luckily for the woman in the song, and the majority of the world’s male population, Miguel is also not looking for a model or a debutante. So, in summary, Miguel and the woman in the song are perfectly compatible since they both want someone to smoke, laugh and lay with. If only things were so easy for the women of Girls.

Take a listen to the track below:


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