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NeNe Leaks Responds To Kenya Moore’s Surprised Charity Event: “I Want To Apologize For My Behavior”

During last Sunday night’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” the show revolved around Kenya Moore trying to fix her friendship with co-star NeNe Leaks by throwing a surprise charity event to raise money for NeNe’s favorite organization, “Saving Our Daughters.”

NeNe says she believes Kenya “used the charity’s name for her own selfish reasons,” adding, “I’m the kind of girl that likes to spill the facts.” The reality star thinks her intent wasn’t genuine, because if it was, [Kenya] would have at-least called, text, or send her an email.

NeNe continued, “I did learn the night before the charity event is that Kenya had used a PR Firm to send e-vites to everyone, which is why I didn’t see it. Fact! You heard me right, a third party! She wanted you to believe she sent me an email and she did not. FACT! If she really had pure, good intentions, she could have picked up the phone, called me, and said, “Hey let’s put our differences aside for a night of charity!”.

“I’m a very rational person,” NeNe said on her personal blog on Tuesday. “I have been a major supporter to Saving Our Daughters and have raised thousands of dollars for them. Fact! All this charity B.S. is coming from a person that showed up at my charity event last year in a thong and butt pads! She even argued outside of Porsha’s charity event! She has no credibility when it comes to charity. I just hope Saving Our Daughters received the thousands of dollars she claimed to have raised.”

“I’m not surprised things have gone down the way they have between Kenya and me. She had beef with Cynthia over the whole coochie crack thing, then moved on to Porsha, then to Phaedra over a booty video, then to Apollo, and now me! I see straight through her! She’s not original. What’s she’s doing has already been done. I have always stood alone in a war! I might bend, but I won’t break, and if I stumble, I won’t fall! I see what she’s doing and so do you.

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NeNe however failed to speak about her heated argument with Cynthia Bailey‘s husband, Peter Thomas, outside the charity event. But she did conclude — throwing shade at her rival Marlo Hampton, calling her “an opportunist who keeps popping up on the show.”

“Did you see my friend just sit there and indirectly support this B.S.? I have worked with a lot of women over the years, and the one thing that it has taught me is that life is like an elevator — on your way up, you have to let people off!

Thanks to those of you that ride hard for me and support me no matter what! I’m not perfect, but I’m human with a heart!

Watch NeNe’s awkward speech HERE


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