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Poster Child For “Child Support”, Terrell Owens, Offered Discount on His Child Support Payments!

Back in 2012, former NFL player Terrell Owens was dragged to court (Dr. Phil Show to be exact) by three of his four baby mamas for being an absentee father.

Now, one of Owen’s baby mamas, Melanie Smith, is so desperate for Owens to be the respectable father figure in their daughter’s life that she offering him a discount on his child support payments …. only if he visits the child.

According to TMZ, Terrell has to shell out $2,250 per month to Smith, but there’s a catch… if T.O files to Georgia and spends at least 6 hours with his daughter, he may deduct the cost of the flight, up to $250, from the next month’s child support check.

However, the Child Support poster child isn’t off the hook just yet. He can only use the visit deduction 3-times per year — and only once a month.


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