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Robin Thicke is not about to let his 20+ years time spent with wife Paula Patton go down the drain without a fight!

The Blurred Lines singer, who is reportedly fighting to save his eight year marriage, has been telling friends that he didn’t agree with Paula’s separation and is determined to prove he can change by removing himself from the club scene.

According to TMZ, Paula called Robin on Friday to tell him she wanted a divorce … and [Robin] jumped on a plane and flew to Canada (canceling his scheduled tour dates), hoping she’ll change her mind.

Robin’s main motivations for saving the marriage is that he doesn’t want their two-year-old son Julian raised in two separate homes.

Robin resumes his tour dates on Thursday in Washington D.C., but won’t be attending any afterparties — something he’s used to doing in the past, along with the many surreptitious ass-grabbing and lip-locks.

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  1. The best way to win her back Robin is get your sh*t together, because actions speak louder than words. He shouldn't have let the success go to his head. He was good, no rumors until he went mainstream smh. I'm hoping they can work it out.

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