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Simon Cowell: “The Last Three Days Have Been Incredible” + Asks Ex-Girlfriend To Be His Son’s Godmother!

Simon Cowell was reportedly overcome with emotion when his son Eric was born.

The 54-year-old X-Factor judge says he was much more emotional than he expected. “I was in tears watching the birth and eventually broke down when Eric was handed to me,” said the proud papa.

“It was such an incredible and emotional day. Sources say “Simon was by his girlfriend Lauren’s side the entire time.” Adding, “He’s infatuated by the baby. I’ve waited all my life for you.” He said it was the best day of his life and hasn’t stopped smiling since. When he finally left the hospital, Simon revealed that he went ahead and celebrated with a Corona and a burger.

Though he spends his days looking for star musicians on the UK’s The X Factor, the blunt British mastermind has had no problem finding his paternal instincts and is very much in control of balancing his career and family life.

After recently sharing some intimate professionally-shot portraits of his newest addition, Cowell took a candid snap of the baby and shared it for his nearly 10 million Twitter followers. “Eric’s new friends,” he captioned the picture of his son surrounded by two stuffed animals.

The last three days have been incredible,” he tweeted on Feb. 16. “Eric Lauren sqiddly and diddly all happy.

According to the Daily Mail, Simon has also asked his ex-girlfriend, Sinitta, to be his son’s Godmother. Sinitta, who has known Cowell since the 1980s, said she was ‘thrilled and honored’ to have been chosen as baby Eric’s godmother.

Would you ever ask your ex to be your child’s Godparent?


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  1. Tank617

    February 21, 2014 at 12:26 am

    Congrats to Simon

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